Tuesday, May 8th, 2018

World FM DayJoin the IFMA FMCC in our celebration of World FM Day 2018.

From Tuesday evening (CDT) May 15 to Thursday early morning, May 17, the FM Consulting Council (FMCC) of IFMA will air 9 presentations and discussions of 30 to 45 minutes each, going once around the world. You will hear and be able to visit live with FM leaders in a variety of places and situations where FM technologies, of necessity and opportunity, serve to sustain organizations with stakes in the built environment.
For a program list and registration for each session, see below.

The links below are 2 audio productions, one of 2 minutes and one of 15 minutes, that give the flavor of the sessions. Mike Petrusky, who produced the FM Innovator series, now the Workplace Innovator, conducted preliminary interviews with speakers from three of the nine sessions and mixed their conversations around the fast developing territory of FM technology and sustaining the built environment of organizations and enterprises in that milieu.

In this link here you can see the Full 15-minute podcast program

See below the global map of IFMA FMCC World FM Day 2018:

Facilities Management World Map
The FMCC World FM Day program will have an Opening (O), 6 live discussions that are both regional and universal, and a wrap-up and Closing (C).  Sessions are timed to be available during waking hours.

FM Technology and Sustainability, an African Perspective
presented by Olumide Ania

Moderator: Ondrej Strup

Wednesday, May 16th
6:00 AM – 6:45 AM EasternOlumide Aina


Presenter Olumide Aina joined in the creation and development of the ISO 41000 series – for FM – as a member of Technical Committee 267 (ISO/TC 267- WG1.) His perspective is wide and his view is long.